A Rewarding Fear

A­ cold breeze gushed through my body on a rainy evening. I was sipping my coffee sitting on a couch on the balcony. I was 15.I always thought that I would be successful. I didn’t have a degree(obvious). My inexperience was my biggest strength. I always believed in myself (much more than now). I always thought that I would be having enough time to gather success. In-between the thought, I felt a tremble across the body, goosebumps ignited out of fear. What if I die ordinary? My Heart skipped couple of beats. Time passes like the same breeze, if fear doesn’t result in a responsive action, that’s when we die ordinary. Many of us would have planned to kick off some activities at a later point in life. Procrastination gives a sense of relief to an ongoing crisis, promising oneself that efforts will be put in to work on it, not now but at a later point. These fake promises become our biggest enemy. Many achievers who could have turned history around might have not even come to the spotlight even with their unmatchable skills. The only reason is because of an enemy that resides in them. Fighting them all their lives. Whereas, a person who is determined, may not be skillful but ready to make mistakes and learn from it becomes successful. The inference stands out clear. It is not about skills, not about ideas, its about the determination and the result that matter. Many may disregard some successful people as unworthy. If worth is all that measures success, you and I would have read a different history. Success is above worth. Its above hard work, efforts or skills. No doubt these things set the benchmark of success higher, it’s not all which makes a person successful.

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