Unlocking Brain and its possibilities

What if aren’t real. Just a computer is simulating us. What if nothing is happening physically and everything we see and do is just our mind imagining. Our brain has such a great power that we cannot rule out such possibility. Certain things which we discussed are out of the human ability to understand. We certainly think the way we are thought. our thinking is restricted to a well-defined limit. Some people with larger limits can think much than people who have small limits. People tend to ask others to think out of the box, but the question is when the person doesn’t know what is out of the box, doesn’t understand what could be out of the box, cannot do it. In fact, no one can think out of the box, what we could do is just push the walls of the box further outwards and try to add new things into your understanding. The limits that define a human thinking power is largely affected by the external conditions than his brain structure. Things like people around us, the society we grew up in, conventions used by parents, education and a lot more. Each person who grows up in a different way, thinks in a different way and their brain perceives things in a different way. A newly born baby might not even have a limit for his thinking, it might be the external factors which have added a limit to his abilities. What we understand and think is just a part of what we know. There could be millions of things which we didn’t know and trillions of things which we cannot understand or think about such a possibility. The first step in exploring such part of the secrets which we think is out of human capabilities is to clear our assumption about how things work. We need to keep our mind open and start accepting all the things which we neglect as unrealistic or unscientific because our understanding of what is real is bounded and is not all that which is present. With so much of advancement in technology and science we are yet to completely explore the earth, we haven’t explored deep sea, we haven’t discovered a percent of living species in our own earth. In such scenario, we can imagine how small and limited our definition for “Real” is. There was a time when we knew nothing, from then we have been involved in discoveries and inventions that has put us in a place where we are today. Our ability to understand has evolved rapidly. When such things happen, we are pushing our intelligence level higher than the limits which were there then. Now our bodies are such a thing that when we push limits higher it tends to adjust quickly and evolve itself accordingly. Now people are born with a brain structure which could think much better than all the previous generations. But intelligent and thinking has its own consequences. When we got such intellectual power, there comes an uncontrollable desire to succeed and outperform others. This obstinacy has led us to a position where we started fighting among our self for supremacy. Battles and Wars in0 the past and terrorism in these days clearly proves it. This is the reason why our evolution has slowed down. Instead of putting our energy in pushing the walls of our capacity box, we started using the energy to sort out things which needn’t be sorted inside the box itself. On the positive note these things are not new to our evolution process. If we carefully observe the history, these spike stages are always present in every stage of evolution. But then the battle used to be for survival and supremacy but now it is for destruction and supremacy. Long ago when we weren’t advanced enough to use bombs, the battle was small and its consequences were small too. Now the standards have improved and we are in a higher level of game. Any small outcome of this stage would have grave consequences on entire living creatures. On a broader outlook our presence doesn’t even matter considering the age of this universe. In fact, if we consider the time since we thought humans existed in this world as just an instance, this instance wouldn’t even matter as we do not know how many such instances have occurred in the past because “our thinking and understanding is limited”. What if such instance had occurred before and there were humans present on this planet, they were as developed as we will be in next 100 decades and they destroyed themselves and other creatures using nuclear weapons? We never know what had happened but we know that somewhere down the line we are heading towards that. It’s a high time we stop focusing on unwanted things and start investing ourselves in larger aspects that are unknown. Now coming back to the computer simulation part, and we being part of an algorithm that is simulating neural functioning and we in a game that plays itself. What if the developer chose to make us this way such that we start fighting when we are at an intelligence high and destroy everything and again the process start all over again? This is not to create a confusion or impose and convince my thoughts on reader, it’s just to orient the thinking of the reader in a different dimension which we don’t focus about and show them some possibility which could be happening.

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