The fourth dimension

This post is inspired by a write-up which I wrote in my grade 12, which was never posted. I have also provided a linkĀ  that post here .

Well, to most people, the fourth dimension is a unheard topic. Our advancement in science and technology are vast. Every day we take a step forward with inventions and discoveries. From discovering fire for cooking raw meat to be able to harness nuclear technology we have come a long way. We are in a era where we are able to gather scientific and logical evidences to our problems rather than superstitions and stories. Now the question which arises which gets us into  thinking is “Are we done? Have we saturated with our discoveries?”. Hmmm..tough .The right way to put it will be: soon we would be approaching saturation with the limited and small amount of knowledge we have about our universe. We are still yet to explore the larger part of it. As biological creatures we are bound by a certain biological limitation. Whatever extent we try, we would never be able to cross it and explore the rest. But the only way to surpass this limitation is by imagination. We can imagine milky way galaxy as a huge painting that is hung up in the galaxy and we being fooled all our lives. There are no set of rules that are to be followed while imagining as imagination is not bound with our assumption of reality. What we find real and true is due to the way we have perceived the world around us. Our conscious brain would never allow us to think of something which it is not aware of. It tends to laugh it off. Our imagination although has brain involved in it but isn’t asked to follow the rules. The simplest example would be a dream where you would have supernatural vampire experiences. The reason that imagination is such a powerful tool is due to the fact that our brain knows that it won’t be tested in “real” world. To explore the fourth dimension and the possibilities it brings with it we need to imagine and not think. We are biologically not capable to be in a universe and experience the 4th dimension. Lets start with the basic, 1 dimension. Throughout you need to imagine a particle that lives in the given environment. A single dimension would mean there is only one possible motion that a particle could experience .Let us consider it as the X axis. If the particle experiences single dimension it would not be able to observe the motion of other particles as the only possible observation is that it would appear and disappear. To make more sense by imagining looking in a peep hole or a pipe that is fixed. You can only observe something that comes in front of the peephole. If it moves away, you just see a point vanishing. Now the 2nd dimension, consider a particle living in a 2-d world. Now to make it clear, you look at a computer which has a 2-d display. This is quite different from a particle living in the 2-d world. In the display you get to see the overall movement of the objects which is not the case for a particle living in 2-d world. It would experience something that is entirely different, in fact it would see a 1 d world. It can just see things getting wider as it approaches it and smaller as it moves away. It can observe only one motion. If the particle is looking from the X axis, it can observe the motion in the Y-axis. It is hard for us to imagine but we need to think(btw the biological limit which i talked about is not for this!!) . Now to imagine  holding a pair of paper in such a way that you have your eyes in between them. Make sure there is a small gap between those sheets. You can see if someone walks around you but you would not be able to tell how tall is that person. Now if a bird flies across, you will not be able to tell where it went. We just have to believe that the bird is supernatural because it appeared and vanished. Now lets come to a 3-d world. We perceive things in 3-d but for a particle that lives in 3-d world, it would experience a 2-d vision. The reason being that the very existence of that particle has occupied a dimension which it can never experience. It can see things moving almost the same way we see things on a television. The particle will not experience one of the dimension depending on its existence, now for our terminology we can think of that as depth. Now coming to the 4th dimensional world, things get crazy because we are approaching our biological limitation. A particle living in the 4th dimension, consider ourselves will be able to experience three other dimensions. The length, breadth and the height.Does this mean we live in a 4-d world, that’s hard to say as we have only looked upon the lower dimensional world through one higher dimension which does not necessarily mean that there are no other dimensions. We could have more number of dimensions but considering higher dimensions to understand a basic dimension would put our brain in a fuzz. So we say that at least one higher dimension exist that is containing our life and make us experience the rest of the lower dimensions. We have never been able to come up with what a 4th dimension looks like although there are certain models like the tesseract which has some representation. Its hard for us to even imagine what it looks like. Its like asking a particle living in 2-d world about a flying creature that would disappear into the other dimension from its sense? The idea of 4 th dimension would probably give us many possibilities like a looking inside and outside a particle without having to cut it open. Now talking about the dimensions and this post, what we imagined till now might be true or there might not be anything like dimensions existing and the whole of this post was bullshit. But what we did was imagined a possibility that could be true .The reason behind writing this post is that we have always understood the world the way we have known it. Its time we give up our rules and regulations and jump into this crazy world with our crazy thought which might not seem legit but might be the real “real” in this fake world.

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